Job Vacancies in an International News Media Company

Myrtle Management Consultants Limited – Our client, an international news media company building a respected media brand, across television, mobile, and web.

The company requires to fill the position below:

Job Title: Business Editor

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos
Job Type: Full-time


  • To produce original content by critically analyzing selected business interviews, debates, speeches from major news organizations for the presence of propaganda, misleading talking points, and other similar techniques of persuasion?
  • The suitable candidate must be proficient at using social media, especially in the  field including an active strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

Job Description

  • Report to the Executive Producer for daily job tasks.
  • Write scripts for the show.
  • Prepare and stack the show rundown.
  • Write and post daily on our social media outlets.
  • Prep guest for their Live segments
  • Work closely with clients to better produce their segments.
  • Time the show so that each guest has enough time to deliver their message within a timely manner.
  • Help with line producing.
  • Help with on location shoots.
  • Help with editing when needed.
  • Assist in booking visually engaging segments and write snappy teases.
  • Create production elements for scripts, including tape and graphics.
  • Identify News, select video and sound bites, oversee editing, conduct interviews and write stories for television and the internet.


  • BA / BS in Journalism, Communication, or related field.
  • 2-7 years of experience writing business editorial for LIVE TV.
  • Knows how to stack a rundown for broadcast.
  • Creative writer who can write scripts for  television that’s informative, conversational, and enticing to our viewers
  • Energetic and friendly personality.
  • The ability to work under constant deadlines.
  • Ability to calmly handle live TV situations and changing events.
  • Can multi-task under pressure.

Job Title: Anchor

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos
Job Type: Full time

Job Description

  • Your role requires that you work in a team and participate in the creative cycle of the news broadcast. As a news anchor, you will work closely with reporters and will be responsible for gathering information, broadcasting newscasts throughout the day and interviewing guests.
  • Ultimately, you should be able to follow current events and present news stories to audiences in an informative, interesting, and unbiased way.


  • Generating ideas for stories and features and following leads from news agencies, the police, the public, press conferences and other sources
  • Pitching ideas to editors and commissioners
  • Researching, verifying, and collating evidence and information to support a story using relevant information sources such as the internet, archives, databases, etc.
  • Writing scripts for bulletins, headlines, and reports
  • Selecting appropriate locations, pictures and sound and exercising editorial judgement on the best angle from which to approach a story
  • Identifying necessary resources and deploying and managing technical crews for location shoots, including sound operators and camera crew
  • Providing directorial input, advising crews on what to film or record
  • Using portable digital video (dv) cameras and other equipment to record material
  • Producing complete packages for broadcast
  • Preparing and presenting material on-air for both pre-recorded and live pieces
  • Identifying potential interviewees, briefing them, preparing interview questions and conducting both live and recorded interviews
  • Preparing timings for each news item and monitoring these during a broadcast
  • Deciding on the running order for bulletins and making any necessary changes during a broadcast
  • Collaborating with the editor to put together the completed item
  • Developing and maintaining local contacts, assuming a public relations role
  • Understanding and complying with media law and industry codes of conduct
  • Research local community national and international current events
  • Meet with the Executive News Editor, in collaboration with Executive producer, producer, reporters and other news anchors to be briefed on the day’s news
  • Work with the Executive News Editor to choose stories to broadcast considering audience preferences
  • Organize the news to present the most interesting pieces first
  • Revise scripts and prepare to deliver them on-air
  • Ensure late-breaking news is added to newscasts
  • Engage in commentary
  • Interview guests and other members involved stories
  • Introduce news correspondents reporting on the scene and ask them relevant questions
  • Comply with the moral code of the journalistic profession
  • Keep abreast of news developments by studying papers, attending events, etc.


  • BSc degree in Journalism, Communications or relevant field
  • Proven work experience as a news anchor
  • Understanding of the newscast process
  • Broad knowledge of local, national and international affairs (e.g. political, economic, legislative and cultural)
  • Comfortable yet professional presence on camera
  • Ability to improvise in a live on-camera setting
  • Excellent verbal skills
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Available to work on a flexible schedule
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions and strict deadlines
  • Active social media presence
  • An interest in people, news, current affairs, and good general knowledge
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Confidence in front of a camera and an ‘on-air’ presence
  • An understanding of relevant technical equipment and editing software
  • The ability to work under pressure, both within teams and individually
  • Outstanding analytical skills and ability to absorb, extract and present information in a clear and understandable way
  • The ability to build rapport and to handle interactions with sensitivity, empathy, and diplomacy, while maintaining impartiality
  • Excellent interviewing and listening skills
  • An eye for a story, with an ability to generate original ideas and the confidence to pitch to senior editors
  • Tenacity, persistence, resourcefulness and creative problem-solving skills

Job Title: Reporter

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos
Job Type: Full-time

Job Summary

  • The company requires to fill the role of a Reporter to be a proactive, editorial, and meticulously organized individual.
  • You will work directly with the Executive News Editor. to execute cross platform news coverage on national and global news.

Job Description

  • Report and write news stories for publication or broadcast, describing the background and details of events.
  • Arrange interviews with people who can provide information about a story.
  • Work alongside correspondents and producers in story research.
  • Support field teams with in-house production.
  • Research and analyze background information related to stories to be to provide complete and accurate information.
  • Gather information about events through research, interviews, experience and attendance at political, news, sports, artistic, social, and other functions.
  • Investigate breaking news developments such as disasters, crimes, and human-interest stories.
  • Field producing opportunities.
  • Travel assignments for large breaking news events is possible. (Note: you could spend long periods of time in the elements – i.e. extreme heat/cold, rain, etc).
  • Occasionally write digital wire stories.
  • You will have a front-row seat as history unfolds before your eyes.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or related field preferred
  • Social media savvy.
  • Professional phone manner.
  • Strong code of ethics.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Strong desire to work in the field and learn journalism from some of the best in the business.

Deadline: 20th September, 2020.


  • Interviews are on a rolling basis to this date. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  • Please submit a reel or portfolio of your works along with your application .

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