Logistics Supervisor at The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)

The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) is an independent humanitarian medical NGO that was created in 2009 by professionals of humanitarian medicine. ALIMA’s mission is to provide medical care in emergency situations or medical catastrophes.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:



Job Title: Logistics Supervisor

Location: Katsina
Country Code: LS039
Salary Category: Level 6 (National Staff Salary Grid)

Reason to be in the Job

  • Provides the logistics activities of the base and the interventions of mobile clinics.
  • Monitors and maintains ALIMA premises and infrastructure.
  • Coaches his team.
  • Tracks Fleet, Movement Management and Fuel Management
  • Monitors and maintains ALIMA equipment.
  • Provides supply for its field of activity.

Work Organization

  • The Logistics Base Supervisieur like all office workers work 40 hours a week. Given the urgent nature of the projects Hierarchic Manager can ask him to work beyond these regulatory hours and this in accordance with the law.

Functional and Hierarchical Links:

  • Reports to: Emergency Logistics Coordinator
  • Coach: manoeuvring, manoeuvring team leader, skilled workers, skilled worker team leader, multi-skilled technician, specialized technicians, radio operator, drivers
  • Collaborates with: all supervisors, storekeeper

Mission and Core Activities:

  • Employees must follow their job profile and do their job in accordance with the ALIMA Code of Conduct.
  • Provides the logistics activities of the base and management of car fleets / movements:

Travel Management:

  • Plans vehicle travel and driver tracking
  • Monitors consumption, office supplies, fuel, lubricants for the operation of different structures (office, house, shops, etc.),
  • Ensures the proper maintenance of the spaces and their cleanliness (gardens, courtyards, etc.),
  • Ensures the proper disposal of household waste in the various structures and the proper maintenance of waste treatment facilities.
  • Monitors the movements of individuals, respecting the security framework
  • Ensures that radio and communications procedures are properly applied,
  • Logistics management of the base and houses:

Supervises the Monitoring and Maintenance of ALIMA Premises and Infrastructure:

  • Ensures maintenance in all Alima premises of the project (office, houses, shops, garage, etc.), ensures the overall good condition of the structures (walls, frame, roof), electrical installations, water supply and quality,
  • Monitors small building rehabilitation work.
  • Ensures the safety of installations and buildings (good condition of fences and gates, lighting of open spaces, identification of buildings, presence of fire extinguishers, grounding of electrical installations, etc.),
  • Makes regular visits to each structure, reports to its manager the anomalies and other problems encountered,
  • Assesses or reports rehabilitation or repair needs,

Tracks and Maintains ALIMA Equipment:

  • Equipment management:
  • Monitors and establishes investment inventories, for energy equipment, cold chain equipment, computer equipment, radio-communication (fills the Tugères for its part),
  • Energy supply and distribution management:
  • Ensures that the monitoring and maintenance of generators, and electrical installations are properly carried out,
  • Maintains the various devices,
  • Performs physical inventories of devices in use,
  • Re-assigns equipment,
  • Monitors and renews permissions to use radio equipment with the relevant local authorities.
  • Computer park management and radio communication park:

Order Management and Follow-up:

  • Establishes logistics orders for its industry,
  • Tracks current orders and left-of-the-s supply,
  • Ensures the application and control of the procedures,
  • Proceeds with local purchases
  • In all areas of its activity, it makes proposals for improvement or adaptation.
  • Ranks and archives orders,
  • Ensures that orders are received correctly,

Team Management:

  • Defines the tasks of each, ensures daily supervision and controls the quality of the work of its employees (punctuality, rigour, quality…),
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff from its team,
  • Attends logistics coordination meetings and reports on its party.


  • Establishes a monthly activity report and participates in logistics reporting with its manager.
  • In all areas of his business, he makes proposals for improvement or adaptation.

Qualifications Requested

  • Degree / HND qualification
  • Preferably, technical higher education related to logistics

Knowledge and Experience:  

  • Computer knowledge: how to write reports under Word, how to create and follow tables on Excel, how to use an inbox.
  • Basic knowledge of mechanics, masonry, electricity, plumbing, supply, etc.
  • Languages: Sango and French indispensable.
  • The experience of at least 1 year in a similar position in an NGO is highly desirable.


  • Teamwork
  • Organization, anticipation and rigour
  • Diplomacy and patience
  • Active understanding of ALIMA rules and procedures
  • Ability to respond to emergencies and prioritize




How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV to: [email protected] using the position as subject of email.


  • Only successful applicants will be called for interview.
  • No monetary transactions, neither demands of favours in kind, nor other types of favouritism will be tolerated in the recruitment process


Application Deadline 2nd February, 2021.

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